Doesburg Components is specialized in developing and processing ready-to-use components of high complexity, in accordance with the highest international quality standards. The company has an ultra-modern plant with CNC production, 3D measurement systems and uncompromising quality control capabilities.

The machinery consists of horizontal and vertical CNC processing centers with pallet measurements ranging from 500 to 800 mm. Apart from the often robotized processing centers, Doesburg Components employs flexible production systems which enable us to produce serial work ranging from 50 to 300,000 pieces.

Doesburg Components also provides assembly, painting and cleaning of castings and thus supplies ready-to- use components.

Are you in the need of complex machining with a whole lot of holes under multiple angles and in different diameters. Whether in casting or profile, aluminium or iron, Brinks Components is the place to go to. We produce small, medium and large series of such over our modern and robotized machinepark and give them a thoroughly cleaning afterwards. If needed a thermal deburring operation can be carried out as well. Go to for more info.